.::..Rottweiler from GRINDSJÖNS - for show and work..::.

There is nothing more beautiful than a well built top rottweiler of exellent type.

We strive to produce top quality rottweilers sutable for show and work. Genetically healthy, trainable temperament with top exterior. We work hard to maintain the type! A typical rottweiler from Grindsjöns is a robust and powerfull dog, compact and substantial build. It shows strength and endurance. Its movement should be balanced, harmonious, sure and powerful with strong forereach and a powerful rear drive. The motion is effortless, efficient, and ground-covering. We also belive a dog must prove it self worthy of being bred. Thats why all of our breeding dogs obtain a championship or at least are V-rated.

Our kennel breeds only very select rottweilers of substantial merits to produce extremly high quality puppies that hopfully will mature to adult dogs capable to compete world wide in all kind of venues. Our dogs pedegrees include the best Scandinavian, German and former Yugoslavian bloodlines, with some of the top winning dogs ever for both conformation and working. We have been lucky to compete successfully in many venues and have a lot of top winning dogs.